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Training for Integrity

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Weight loss, muscle gain, improvement in performance; these are all results we have come to expect from training in the gym.  However, it’s the less tangible results that I find fascinating.  These kinds of improvements are difficult to measure, but it becomes so clear when a change has occurred.

One of these results is an increase in confidence.  Many people report improvements in their self-confidence after making physical fitness a part of their lifestyle.  I’ve always found this intriguing and have been thinking about it a lot lately.  What factors contribute to this increase in confidence?

Then, I came across something Stephen Covey wrote about in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  He said that true confidence grows from living a life of integrity.  In other words, when the actions you take align with your values in life.  When your actions do not agree with what you value in life, you are living out of integrity.  When your actions align with your values, you are living the life that you want to live.  How could you not feel more confident?

Returning to training, most people value their health and body.  They want to be healthy and look good.  However, for many people their actions do not align with those values.  They are living out of integrity.

So, when they do take action and commit to making physical fitness part of their lifestyle, they move back into integrity.  They are taking action towards what’s important to them, becoming the person they want to be.  And that is a great feeling!

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