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Night Time Mobility Routine

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The majority of us that train hard struggle with mobility in one area or another.  In order to improve upon these mobility restrictions, you must spend more time in the area of restriction.

We are spending time in these areas of restriction every day in the gym, but that may not be enough time for those who have the mobility of a tin man.  And it’s definitely not enough time to reverse the effects of sitting all day long for those who have to work desk jobs.

In addition to improving mobility, static stretching along with breath work is a great way to pull ourselves out of a sympathetic state that is characterized as “fight of flight mode” and push our nervous system towards a more parasympathetic state, characterized as “rest and digest.”  This will allow you to better relax your muscles and rest your mind.

If you struggle winding down at the end of the day and getting quality sleep and need to improve your mobility, I recommend adding in the mobility routine listed below to your nightly bed time ritual.

Perform each pose for a minimum of 2 minutes.  That means 2 minutes per side on certain movements.  While stretching focus on taking deep belly breaths through your nose.  Shoot for an 8 second inhale, followed by a 10 second exhale.  Once you master that breath cadence, add in retention by holding your breath for 4 seconds after the inhale and after the exhale.  Try to go deeper into the stretch as time passes, but don’t force anything.  Relax into the pose.

This is a well rounded mobility program, but you don’t need to perform every pose every day.  Spend more time in the positions that you need to work on and that you experience the greatest effect with.

Perform only the first 2 overhead stretches