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How to Count Macros

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We have recently introduced our new Macro Based Nutrition Program.  For more general info on the program, click here.

Today, we want to dive a little deeper into the nuts and bolts of this program.  So, we created a free resource detailing all that you will need to know before starting the program.  We discuss what macros are and why counting macros is an effective nutrition technique.  We also educate you on nutrition principals like calorie balance and detail all that you need to know about proteins, carbs and fats.

In addition, we take you through a sample day of planning and tweaking meals to meet your macro goals for the day and how to track it.  We show you how to use the app, “My Fitness Pal,” which will be used to track your food intake.

Finally, we help you determine how many meals to eat per day, where certain food types should be eaten throughout the day and tips for sticking to your plan while eating out at a restaurant.

Click the link below to gain access to our How to Count Macros Resource for free!

How to Count Macros resource 

To sign up for the program, contact us here.