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Warm Up – 10 min: 

  • 60 sec Close Grip Bar Hang
  • 8 Side Step Ups/Leg @40X1
  • Band Series
  • 1 Arm High Pull x 12/arm + Overhead Carry


  • Back Squat 4×4
  • 1 Arm Row 3×10/arm


Partner WOD – 12 min AMRAP:

  • 10 Strict Pull ups
  • 20 DB/KB Push Press
  • 30 KBS

Split the reps


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Warm up – 10 min: 

  • 8 Split Squat Rock Backs/side
  • 10 Nerve Floss/side
  • Shoulder Band Series
  • 30-60 sec Hollow Hold


  • Deadlift 3×3
  • Bench Press 3×3
  • Ring Rows 3×10


Partner WOD – 2RFT:

  • 80 Double Unders
  • 40 Goblet Reverse Lunges
  • 60 Double Unders
  • 30 KBS
  • 40 Double Unders
  • 20 DB Push Press
  • 20 Double Unders
  • 10 DB Devil’s Press


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Today’s workout is a special one.  It is named after Erin Hurr and is a fundraiser for Erin’s Hope Project, whose mission is to give hope to children with life threatening illnesses through kindness and compassion.

Erin was born in Miles City Montana on December 9th, 2000.

She went to heaven peacefully, early in the morning of March 23, 2010 with her parents by her side in the comfort of her Tinkerbell bed. After bravely battling a brain stem glioma for two years. Erin’s life was full of many activities, always surrounding the ones she loved. Hanging out with her best friend, Emily Toennis, baking with their Easy Bake Ovens, or just having girl talks in Erin’s room… having a coffee break was always high on the list of things to do. She enjoyed spending time with her family, playing board games, playing the WII with her two little brothers, and making cookies with her mom. Her two cats, Sunshine and Thunder, may not have always gotten along, but they each had a special love for their Erin. She worked hard at everything she did and was determined to do it well.

Her battle didn’t deter her love of learning. Erin loved going to school — and especially loved to read in her spare time. One of her biggest accomplishments was teaching her younger brother Jacob to read before he started kindergarten. She was quite the little teacher. She greatly enjoyed her scrapbooking times with her special Aunt Patty, whom she found great joy in creating new nicknames for, such as Embarrassment to NatureYellow Icicle and Petunia, which was the latest.

Erin also enjoyed camping with her family, swimming and going to the Big Timber Water Slides, which included some of her favorite rides, such as the Hurricane, The Typhoon, and the Old Facefull. She could always be heard screeching with delight on descent, as she raced her dad to the bottom. One of her more memorable moments was when she got to go to Disney World for a Make A Wish Trip, where she met Cinderella and Tinkerbell.

As much as the cancer tried to drain the pride and joy from her little life, she still had such a strong spirit, and not only had enough joy in her heart, but overflowed to so many others as well. Most of us measure life by length of time, but true life is measured by the impact we make. The impact Erin made in the lives of others goes far beyond her years. As much as Erin was loved and cherished on this earth, it’s nothing compared to the Love of her heavenly father. God called her home in his timing. Even though that is tough for us to understand, we think God wanted to be closer to his precious, amazing girl — Miss Erin Katherine Hurr!



With a partner, accumulate 2000m on the rower.

While one person is rowing, the other is performing 12 Wall Balls and 9 Burpees.  Once that work is completed, the partner switch.  The workout is complete when 2000m is accumulated on the rower

Note your time.

The reps for this workout are inspired by Erin’s birthday; December 9, 2000.  It is a partner workout and it’s very challenging, because these kids are going through a lot and they need help.

Donate money to this amazing cause and share it on your social medias to bring awareness to Erin’s Hope Project, so that your family and friends can offer support as well.

Here is a link to donate: