by CrossFit Miles City

Warm Up

2 rounds:

15 Rocking Hip Flexor Mob/side

10 Cossacks + 10 Pause Goblet Squats

90 sec Rolling Plank


A1) Back Squat – 3 sets: 2 @heavy weight, then drop weight and go immediately into 3 speed reps @ lighter weight immediately into max reps @31X1 at the same weight (drop weight by 25-30%)

A2) Pause Calf/Tib Raise 2×15 each

B) Single Leg RDL w/ Hand Support 3×8-10/Leg


Partner WOD – 2 sets each:

8 DB Bulgarian Split Squats/Leg

8 Heels Elevated Goblet Squats

300/200m Row

8 Body Weight Bulgarian Split Squats

8 Heels Elevated Air Squats

-Alternate rounds

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