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12 Rules of Body Transformation: Part 2

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In part one of this series; I introduced you to the first four rules to follow if you want to transform your body.  You can find that article here.   Now, I am going to give you four more rules to follow if you want to look better, perform better, and feel better mentally and physically.

LV Plan

  1. Plan and Prepare. The best of intentions are no use if you do not take the time to plan and prepare for success.  Here are some quick tips to help you do just that:
  • Pack your gym bag the night before. There is nothing lamer than planning to go to the gym and getting there without your gym bag or shoes and having to miss a workout because of it.  You can avoid this gym foul by packing your bag the night before.  Pack it with all of the clothes you will need, toiletries, a water bottle, some quick snacks and protein powder.
  • In addition to your gym bag, you should have snacks stashed away in your car, purse, desk at work, etc. Basically anywhere that you spend a lot of time and run the risk of going hungry for a long time, you should have snacks ready to go.  Stay away from vending machines or drive throughs and instead keep healthy snacks around to hold you over like protein bars/powder, Lara bars, nuts, yogurt, fruit, etc.
  • Prep your meals. Come up with a menu of meals for the upcoming week.  Figure out all of the ingredients that you will need.  Then, hit the grocery store and buy all of the ingredients on the list and nothing not on the list.  Once you are home, start preparing the meals you have planned for the week all at once.  Cook up a big batch of protein.  It takes just as long to cook a dozen chicken breasts as it does one.  Wash and prepare your vegetables.  You can also use a crock pot to make a one pot meal and then split it up for multiple meals.  Once you have all of your food cooked, divide everything into individual Tupperware containers so that when you need a meal you can grab a container and go without thinking.
  • Don’t allow foods that are going to tempt you in the house.
  1. Delay gratification. In order to be consistent and experience long term improvements, you have to be able to substitute short term pleasure with the long term problems that are attached to it for short term discomfort that will bring you long term success.  An example of this includes fighting the urge to over indulge on junk food or alcohol regularly in order to look and feel the way you want to look and feel in the future.

Another one would be pushing yourself through discomfort in the gym in order for your body to adapt positively.  Don’t let your feelings in the moment stop you from getting what you want in the future.  The happy feeling and great taste you get from a dozen chocolate chip cookies lasts as long as it takes you to chew and swallow, but the negative effects they have on your mind and your pant size last much longer.  The pain you feel during hard exercise is also temporary but it will make positive changes to your body that is much more rewarding than even the softest chocolate chip cookie.

  1. Don’t compare yourself with others. It’s a trap.  There will always be someone who is more jacked, more tan, and has better hair, whatever.  If you determine your self-worth based on how you compare to other people, you will never be satisfied.  The truth is that the only person you need to compete with is yourself.  Challenge yourself every day.  Push to do something you have never done before and when you do, celebrate!  We have a tendency to quickly brush off accomplishments because we are not at our end goal or someone else can do it better.  Who cares?  You are becoming the best version of yourself and you have to enjoy the journey.  If you are doing the best that you can do, that is enough.  You are enough.

LV Danny

  1. Work your strengths and your weaknesses. If you do this with regards to your fitness, you will become more balanced and a whole new world of opportunities will present itself to you.  CrossFit has gotten this rule right and revolutionized the fitness industry.  They preach the importance of being strong and enduring, skilled and fast.  It’s impressive to be able to squat 500 pounds, but what is your mile time?  Running marathons is cool, but what is your vertical jump?  Can you do a pull up?  Exposing yourself to a wide variety of physical challenges will provide you with an endless list of things you can improve, which will keep you motivated.  You will achieve a balance as an athlete that will allow you to be better able to take on a new challenge on a whim whether it is running a 5K on the weekend, playing a sport or lifting heavy stuff.  The world becomes your playground.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for the third and final part of this series!


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  1. I like the point about Delay Gratification – it also helps me learn (and hopefully remember) that delaying gratification is not as hard as I make it out to be in my mind at the point I want something.

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